OOZE Traveler Smell Proof BackPack

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Looking for a smell proof backpack but with style? This OOZE Traveler Backpack might just be what you need! 

  • Comes in black, smoke gray, coral red, desert sand, surf blue and purple haze
  • 2 large zippered pockets 
  • Rear pocket has a 3-digit lock to keep are your essentials safe
  • Laptop sleeve with Velcro strap for security 
  • Front pocket has storage sleeve, pocket at the top and a double sleeve for pens
  • Front of bag has larger storage space for all time accessible items 
  • Mesh pocket for water bottles
  •  A clip that connects the backpack straps to prevent theft and relieve back tension 
  • Sleeve on back to use as a carry on suitcase at the airport


Setting the 3-Digit Combination Lock:

  1. Enter default combination 0-0-0.
  2. Press button all the way in and keep holding it down.
  3. Choose a 3-digit combination.
  4. Release button and your code is set.

*Once code has been changed from the default (0-0-0), you must always remember your code in order to open the lock or change the code to a different set of numbers. 

*If by any chance you accidentally release the button before all the 3 numbers are set, whatever combination you released the button on is the new code.